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Real Looner Experiences - From Phobia to Philia

This is the first article, sharing real stories and experiences of people in our wonderful community. We hope this inspires you, brings back some nice memories and you will share your story with us too

How would you describe yourself?


What are your favorite type, size and color balloon

I like 12-16 inch balloons, any colour, but I prefer pearl or metal colours the most
What is your first/ earliest looner memories?
My first looner memory is of popping this giant 16" birthday balloon we have in India. My neighbour's birthday party had some leftover uninflated ones and I borrowed it from them. When no one was at home, I went to my backyard and blew it as big as I can and then popped it with a nearby sharp object.

What is the best looner experience of your life?

When I told my girlfriend about my fetish, she was sceptical, but she obliged to do it one day during the heat of sex she asked if she could BTP one balloon. I didn't have any balloons in the house so I gave her a condom. She blew it slowly as I went in from the back. As the condom reached its fullest potential I turned her around and changed into a comfortable sex position. I asked her if she has the guts to blow it to pieces or if she would like to nail pop it. She agreed to blow it to its maximum, soon the condom gave up and my climax was over. She said that she has never experienced such a fantastic pleasure in her sexual journey and I told her that its what balloons do, they are fantastic.

If you could pop/ have balloons with one person who would it be?

Elena or Tania from Alissa Inflatables, their videos have given me excitement like no other

Who is your favorite ever balloon model?

What is your ultimate fantasy with balloons?

Have a massive balloon room and have multiple girls to choose from and play in that room daily. They would challenge each other to make the best balloon set for me and I would rate them on their qualities like popping skills, decoration skills, etc.

What is your favorite ever balloon clip. Put link if for sale and screen shots below

Studio Fuusen Clip


Final question....you are in a room with 1,000 balloons what do you do?

This is just like my dream! I would like to invite my girlfriend to the room. I will tie her up and then tease her with balloons and pop them. I want her to play and pop as many balloons as she wants. I would then invite a few balloon models in on the party. We will not pop all balloons immediately but slowly. We will have different balloon challenges like most breaths into a balloon before it pops, or the tightest balloon.

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