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Interview with Thelema_______

1) Give us an introduction. Name, links to all sites/ social media and where you are from

All my followers and new internet friends know me as Thelema; many have come to me through the principles of my philosophy of life, which makes me seriously happy and part of them. For now my sites are @thelema_______

I am from Venezuela, and I love that when they ask, many refer to the beauty of the natural landscapes of my country.

2) Tell us about your relationship with balloons.

My relationship with balloons is something as unexpected as it is unique, they are part of my day. With the balloons I have gone through several stages, at first I just liked blowing them and rubbing them with them, but the truth is that I am quite curious and although explosions gave me some fear, by accidents while I rubbed I discovered that I do not want to label myself, master all of the balloons and I have learned to enjoy each experience with them, so sometimes it is difficult to explain when asking me what kind of looner I am.

3) Can you remember first video/ experience with balloons and how did you feel

My first experience was as a child, when at the end of my parties there were always a lot of balloons everywhere, and instinctively I began to play with them by passing them through my body, of course I was not aware at that time, in fact I was not. it was until recently.

And my first video was to have a record, I wanted to know how I looked while playing with them, I loved it and that is how it ended up being one of my best videos and that today you can see on my patreon.

4) What is your favourite thing to do with balloons?

I love rubbing with them and sitting down to exploit it, but above all I enjoy that my followers see how what I do, it is an incredible experience for me, and I like to make those who see me happy.

5) What is your favourite type/ size of balloon and why?

My favorite balloons are the 36 'and 40' although in my country they are impossible to obtain, there are some of my birthday parties left haha, so while I can import them, I play with those.
Of course, to explode I prefer much smaller balloons, maybe 14 "or 16" because I can feel them perfectly. However, my dream is to have a GL, I hope to be able to fulfill it very soon to create content with it and enjoy it with me.

6) Tell people what they can expect on your Patreon page?

I've been having issues with my patreon lately, because it seems like my content is too hot for them haha, but I'm working on resetting it. For now, I work on the custom videos of my followers and what better than to know what they can see, why not ask them? But you can see me enjoying an incredible sexual experience with my colorful balloons, naked or not, even with toys, I offer you several plans so that everyone is really satisfied and can know what they want from me.

7) Do you take custom requests and what is your favourite videos you've made so far

This is answered a bit in the previous question, and definitely yes, I love to agree on elements, outfit and everything related to what my users want to see. I enjoy them all without a doubt, it would be almost impossible to choose a favorite, but without a doubt it could be the first video that they asked me totally naked and riding my biggest balloon 40 ’The experience was incredible, I continue to have so much fun since that day.

I love to take custom requests....just message me through Instagram x

8) You are in a room with 1,000 balloons. What do you do?

This is one of my favorite questions, without a doubt the first thing I would do would be to rub myself with them as much as possible and then start to explode with my ass, remembering that that was also the concept of an amazing video for a special good user, in which I spent a good amount of time exploding like this haha.

9) Any final messages to the Looner community?

I would like to say that although I am a happy looner, I also made it part of my job, in accordance with my philosophical principles. Having the opportunity to create content for my users, it makes me happy and that they can see my art through sexual expression, it is my reward at the end of the day, I would love for everyone who reads me to cite my Instagram and be so interested in a custom video how to generate some kind of interaction in my private community.