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The 10 best videos ever made from our Guest Producers

Last month on our VIP Telegram members had the chance to become guest producers and submit their ideas for scripts for Lilu, Sasha and Belka. Below are the 10 videos and the scripts sent to Lilu that were made with extended previews of each from our wonderful guest team. All of our guest producers also received a special “signing bonus” of Mishel in the shower making a blow to pop as well as receiving advanced copies of their videos.

If you would like the chance to be a guest next time and share your ideas you can join us here.

Script 1) 

Lilu enters the room and say "Happy Birthday, my love! This video is my present for you!".  The start to inflate the balloons until there are 5 inflated.
Then use fingernails, hug pop and sit pop.
Then make one blow to pop and say "I want to make your birthday very special and make you burst" and make the blow to pop.

Producer - Thomas

Script 2) 

Lilu will take a balloon lesson from me and watch video. She will do as I do with the balloons and notice the art of balloon fetish

Producer - Alissa

Script 3)

Lilu wear skirt and tshirt. Sit on a balloon and make blow to pop with the biggest balloon that she can do it with. 

Producer - Nas

Script 4)

Lilu blow 3 big balloons, sit on the first one while blowing the other two. the second one she will pop with her feet and the last is a b2p

Producer - Tom

Script 5)

Make B2P in pajamas while sipping your morning coffee and even reading the its part of your morning routine to drink coffee and make a blow to pop.

Producer - Chris 

Script 6)

Lay on 5 balloons and try and lift both feet off the bed to see if they will support your weight before they pop. If they don't pop when you lift both legs then bounce on them to pop.

Producer - Andrew

Script 7)

Blow to pop while blowing bubbles with bubble gum. Blow a few bubbles and then start blowing to pop the balloon while chewing gum, and then blow a few bubbles after the balloon pops. with a few face close ups if possible.

Producer - John

Script 8)

Sit on edge of bed. Make sure bare feet shown. Bounce on the balloons to make the necks go in and out as much as possible. Sit pop 8 balloons like this

Producer - Loonatic

Script 9)

Wakes up in bed, with a balloon next to you, and starts playing with it/ sitting on it. Take a second balloon and inflate it and deflate it a few times. In the end, sit pop the one you sit on and make a blow to pop of the other

Producer - Ivo

Script 10)

Have 10 balloons inflated. Play with them, sit on them and tease them for 4-5 minutes then make a countdown from 10-1 and sit pop them all very fast.

Producer - Alissa

All clips will be available in 2021 on our stores. To be involved with next round of production join our Private Telegram for the chance in early December.

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