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Interview with Abby Strange

Give us an introduction about yourself

Hi, I'm Abby, a 33 years old content creator from Germany. I'm a goth BBW who likes big beautiful balloons ;)

You can find my looner clips on Clips for Sale:

Manyvids for customs:

And Instagram for pics and snippets:

Describe your relationship with balloons and how did it all begin for you?

Popper! A few months ago I wouldn't have known how to answer that question... my experience with the balloon fetish as such started when I was asked to make a balloon clip for a fan of mine. I've been making erotic and fetish content for a while now and was open to try it, but it was so much fun I stuck with it.

What is your first real looner/ balloon memory?

That's not really magical or romantic in this case because... see above. I do remember liking balloons when I was younger and remember a fair where I proudly walked around with a helium balloon.

You have some amazing pics already with balloons. What is your favorite size, shape and type of balloon and what do you most like to do with them?

That's so hard to say! I have tried quite a few different sized so far... 14'' Cattex are pretty fun because they're quick to blow up and kinda hard to blow to pop, but they get a nice neck. I also enjoyed playing with a 24'' Belbal that I finally popped, too... this one got huge!

You are really interactive with the looner community. What's the best way for people to engage with you and what should people avoid

As “the new girl” I get a lot of attention and messages, so I decided to regularly do Q&As in my Instagram story. That's the best way to interact with me and find out more about me – it also gets shared with everyone else. I don't really like being approached by guys who want to talk about the fetish in general, share their own pics and videos with me and expect me to always reply. Please keep in mind that while this is fun I make my content for a living and can't entertain individual users for free on social media all the time ;) I am up for questions and try to reply to everyone, though!

Do you do custom clips? What is the best way for people to contact you?

I do and I love customs! For SFW clips you can contact me via Instagram, there's also info on prizing. If you want something more spicy please use the form at Manyvids (link above)

What do you most enjoy about balloons and what is one thing you want to try in future?

I really enjoy popping them and blow to pop is my favorite way to do so! I'd love to fill a room or small space with balloons and play with them, but I don't have the space for that right now.

You are in a room with 1,000 balloons. What do you do and who would you want to be with if anyone?

Probably alone... play with them and enjoy them until I go on a popping spree. Just dive in and see what happens... honestly there's so much I'd like to try.

Anything else you'd like to add or want to say to the looner community?

I want to thank you all for the warm welcome to the community! I've received so many positive and helpful comments and encouragement, it's really great and a lot of fun. I can't wait to try more new things and entertain you with more content.

Do you have a clip you'd love our members to see?

Sure! Hope you all enjoy