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DominusInflatables Looner Session

Part of our real looner stories series, a session from DominusInflatables

I am a male looner and inflatable fetishist, semi-popper. I really enjoy watching balloons and inflatables get popped, but don't enjoy popping them as much myself.

My balloon room was primarily 24" balloons from party city. They're cheap and I can buy them locally in large quantities! I blew them all up with my electric pump to the point where I thought they were just below bursting!

I had no intention of every balloon making it out of the room, so I started riding them very rough. After a couple minutes of grinding and riding, I would move on to a new balloon. I rode them in different positions, pushed them up against walls and furniture, and surprisingly none of them popped! I took about half an hour and had my fun, finishing off on a very NSFW anthro dragoness.

I love clips from Susy Loons. Her studio is one of the best I've seen in a long time! Her energy and attitude towards the toys is incredible, I just wish she had more content with inflatables. My overall favorite video right now is the video of her popping inflatable whales, definitely worth a buy!

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