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Interview with Tabu Kate

1) Tell us about yourself

I'm Tabu Cate aka Katey, currently based in Werribee, Melbourne. Ambitions include strong desire to expand modelling career to an International level. I feel modelling has allowed me to access my inner creativity comfortably by granting me the networking opportunities of being able to collaborate within the industry with many talented individuals. Whilst exploring within, creating my own art expression of exciting and innovative images. I enjoy exploring where new & exciting locations are waiting to be found to perfectly capture each individual concept with endless modernized concepts to be created in such a progressing industry.

OnlyFans - https://onlyfans.com/tabucatexx
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tabucate
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TabuCateXx

2) How did it all start for you with balloons?

With a friend when I came over to Melbourne.

3) Are you a popper/ semi popper and what is your favorite way to pop balloons right now?

I started off not popping any at all but when I finally did and got the rush I was hooked!

3) Tell us about some of your early shoots, what did you do and think about balloons?

I scratched them and made cool sounds but was always a little nervous they would pop but it made it all the more fun

4) You've done some amazing shots with @melbloons what was this like and what are some of your fav pics?

O0o0 Yass it has been so much fun, my favorite was when he came over to my house in the docklands and we had so much space to do so many different things with them! I still need to choose my favorites as their are so many great fun pics

5) Tell us about your OF and what people can expect on there with balloon content?

I use lots of different color balloons, shapes and sizes and even have sold previously used balloons signed to my fans. I have done a few role play videos and my next shoot I I to use even bigger balloons and get down to the pensulua

6) Do you do custom videos and if so what's the best way for people to order and what are you do's/ dont's

Yes, order via me directly or one of my photographers :)

7) What's your favourite balloon and if you were in a room with 1,000 of them what would you do?

Omg! I would definitely get in some silky lingerie/bikinis and move between them and even jump down onto them from above! I would love 2 match colors

Check out a sample clip from Tabu's OF....many more looner videos on her page