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Interview with Miss Ripper Loons

1) Give us a little introduction about yourself and links to all your sites

Hello I'm Miss Ripper and im an Australian art nude model. Through my modeling i was booked for a balloon shoot a couple of years ago, and now i classify myself as an art nude model and looner. You can find all of my socials and sites at

IG - @missripperloons

2) How did you first come to make videos/ photos with balloons?

A few years ago i got a booking to do a shoot with balloons, i didnt know what to expect, but once i was there i was blown away at the size of the balloons and all the different shapes, i had no idea balloons like that even existed! I had such a great time at the shoot, it was honesty so much fun i smiled and laughed nearly the whole time.

A short time later he booked me again and we did an outdoor shoot and again i had a great time and i will admit i loved the weird looks i received from passers-by hehe. But it wasnt til our third shoot that i realised i think this might be my other calling! Whilst doing our shoot he asked if i would be interested in making a custom video for someone he knew online, it would involve a room full of balloons and me popping them with lit cigarettes. Again i had so very much fun and i suppose from that day on the rest is history!

(You can see this clip here)

The photographer was our friend @melbloons

3) How would you describe your relationship with balloons?

From my very first balloon shoot i knew i was a popper, i absolutely loved the sound they made, the excitement of not knowing when the would explode and the feeling of falling if i was on top of one when it went bang! I did also love popping balloons when i was a kid so i suppose it was inevitable hehe.

4) Tell us about some of the most memory shoots and videos you've made

My first custom will always be my favorite, i didn't really know what i was doing as i had only done 2 balloon shoot previous and hadn't filmed any videos, but once that room was filled with balloons and that camera started rolling it just came so naturally! I will never forget that very first kiss of death i had to do for this custom, i was so nervous but so excited at the same time, it was the best feeling!! And i suppose that was the start of my looner adventures. I will forever be greatful to that customer and the photographer for introducing me to world of looners.

5) You've just launched a balloon based Only Fans page. What can people expect there?

Yes i did and im so excited about it! Its everyone's dream to be able to make money doing what you truly enjoy! Anyone that subscribes can expect to see all of my fun, naughty and sexy loon adventures in picture and video form, as well as unlimited messages to talk about balloons, the looner community or anything a bit more naughty. My onlyfans is also the best place to order a custom video or photoset from me, i love being able to take someones small description of what they want to see and making it into the video or set of their dreams! 

6) What are your favourite balloons and your favourite way to pop them?

My favourote balloons are the GL-1200! I absolutely love how huge they become when they are being inflated and i always have the absolute most fun trying to hold on and balance whilst riding them. The best bit is riding them hard so it will pop and make that huge bang and then the falling feeling of being up in the air and hitting the bed or floor once they explode! Its sooooo exciting!!!

7) Tell us a bit about your other work and what you love doing?

As i mentioned before i am an art nude model and have been for the last 10 years or so. I love making weird, wonderful and symmetrical shapes with my naked body, i love the art i can create from bending myself in strange ways. I also love to dance, dancing is a huge part of my life, i am currently enrolled in a pole dancing school which combines two of my loves dancing and art nude modeling, i get to dance but also get to make amazing shapes with my body up on the pole.

When im not working or dancing im my happiest when im in nature, the beautifully scenery always gives me creative ideas and it also gives me a release from living so close to the city.

8) You are in a room if 1000 balloons what do you do?

Ohhhhh 1000 balloons!! Im diving into them and popping my way out!! This would literally be the most fun, i would love to see how high i could bounce when i first dove in hehe, i really want to do this now!

9) Anything you'd like to say to looner community or add

I just want to say a huge thank you to @melbloons for booking me for those shoots and introducing me to the wonderful world of looners, and for always being there to help me with any questions i may have.

I would also just like to add how refreshingly nice it has been to be welcomed into the looner community, everyone has been so nice and accepting and i am truly grateful for that.

You can find a video from Miss Ripper she kindly donated too on members site