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Real Looner Experiences - James

What is your name?

How would you describe yourself

Semi Popper

What are your favorite type, size and color balloon?

Belbal 14" crystal purple, tightly inflated

What is your first/ earliest looner memories?

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to play with balloons sexually as I thought It was seriously weird but I remember when I was younger I bought some Superman balloons from a supermarket and they were so strong and pretty big, must have been 16 inches. I would blow then up as big as I could and spend hours holding them, squeezing them and bouncing on them, they lasted ages.

What is the best looner experience of your life?

Definitely the time where I filled my room with very tight belbal 14"s I filled it up close to the ceiling, I spent all day taking up clothes off and walking through the sea of tight balloons feeling their soft smooth latex skin against my body, I would often lay there smelling the string aroma of latex and grabbing a balloon while hugging it and squeezing it against my body. The sound the balloons made as they were rubbing against each other was amazing I was in heaven. The next part was when I decided I bad to get rid of them, I walked in the room eyeing up my victims wondering which one I was going to pop first, I teased them (and myself) squeezing them and digging my nails into them slightly to strike fear into their eyes and make them nervous. I saw one, a tightly inflated purple belbal 14" with a very long neck, I grabbed its body and pulled it against my chest feeling its tightness. I grabbed its neck and squeezed it torturing it until finally it gave way with a loud bang. After that first balloon popped something in me just snapped and I jumped into the rest of the balloons squeezing them, standing on them, bouncing on them, it was a vortex and latex shards and loud bangs, after I popped the last one I sat there in a sea of balloon pieces giggling to myself as I reach into my balloon bag for an other victim.

What's your favorite thing to do with a balloon that others might want to try?

I absolutely love pushing balloons limits and blowing them up as tight as possible, don't get me wrong im terrified of blow to pops but there's something so special about getting a balloon so its as see through as glass and making ite neck as long as possible, I love the way a balloon feels when its about to blow it feels extremely smooth and I love the danger of it popping at any second. Once I have finished playing with it I often leave the room incase it pops because that would terrify me haha

If you could pop/ have balloons with one person who would it be?
I would definitely say Miyu she is absolutely adorable and sexy, she's really cute when she plays with balloons

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What is your ultimate fantasy with balloons?

I would love to one day fill a room with an other looner, preferably a woman, and spend all day blowing up balloons and just having fun *giggles* we would have competions on who can blow the tightest balloons and have balloon popping races, it'll be sooooo much fun
What is your favorite ever balloon clip.

Final question....you are in a room with 1,000 balloons what do you do?

I would use them all to make a giant super long column and jump straight into them all ripping them to pieces, I would pop 90% of them during a blind popping frenzy where I pop any balloon i see, then when there's not many left i would takes things slowly and start to torture them, I would slowly dig my nails into them taking my time and really teasing myself. I would also sit on them and watch their necks stretch out as far as they can go, I would slowly add more weight onto them watch them bulge out and get tight and tighter until it explodes, I love balloon torture hehe

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