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Interview with Miss Deylara(loon)

Give us an introduction. Name, links to all and where you are from?

Hey, I'm Miss Deylara(loon). Dominatrix out of passion, 31 and come from the west of Germany. I'm not a model and do everything by myself, my main goal is to have fun and enjoy life. If you want to see more of me, have a look at my Linktree:

Tell us how it all started for you with balloons. Like first experience/ video and what you thought?

Even as a child, I didn't understand the pleasure of balloons, but rather enjoyed it when someone bursts one. Over the years my sadistic side got stronger and stronger and I felt more and more glee when someone's balloon was broken. At the beginning of 2020 one of my toys (that's what I call my slaves) asked me to destroy a balloon for him, I was immediately enthusiastic! The thought of taking someone's beautiful balloon and breaking it immediately carried me away and excited me. I thought about this idea for a while and then decided to give it a try. My very first video was a b2p and I love it to this day :)

How would you describe your relationship/ feelings towards balloons. Eg popper, semi popper etc?

Definitely Popper !!! Over time, my fetish for balloons has developed naturally, at first I just wanted to destroy them, but now I also like playing with them, rubbing against them and feeling the material on my skin. But one thing is for sure, in the end I will destroy EVERY balloon I can get my hands on. That is what makes the biggest attraction for me ;)

What is your favourite balloon of all time and what do you most enjoying doing?

Until now I really love Tuftex! Especially the 17 inch. And what I enjoy most should be clear by now: destroying the balloons :D

Tell us about BDSM,l and how this ties in with balloons for you?

I've been dominant for as long as I can remember! I discovered BDSM very early on and have been active in this scene for years. The description as dominatrix in the "classic sense" doesn't really suit me, I would rather describe me as lovingly dominant. This is precisely why most people underestimate my dominance and, above all, my sadism ;) And that's exactly what comes into play with the balloons - the fact of destroying these really pretty balloons completely fulfills me! ;) I love to have complete power over the balloon, preferably in connection with a human toy.

What are some of the most memorable shoots you've made?

Oh, I've had so much fun so far :D For me personally, the Easter special video was very extraordinary because it was shot in such a spiritual place and, above all, completely in public and from different angles! But my big wish is to be able to destroy balloons at a real event. That would be fun!

You are in a room with 1,000 balloons. What do you do?

What a question :D I would destroy every single balloon! Some I would sit on and maybe rub a little on them before they burst, others I would shred directly with my fingernails, others just trample ;)

Anything else you'd like to add or something you'd like to say to the Looner community?

First of all I would like to say thank you to my super dear fans! I love most of the people in our community and I am so grateful to be part of it! Unfortunately there are some individuals who have no respect, but I believe in karma ;) For me personally, looning is much more than just a fetish, it is part of my personality and a kind of creative art. I hope everyone who sees my videos will feel it! For me it is not about getting rich, I use it to finance my fetish and also make free content available again and again. In everything I do, I just try to be authentic and have fun. I am looking forward to hopefully many more years in my balloon bursting world!

Check out a full clip from her here, it's amazing!