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Poppy Loony Poem on Montreal Fetish Weekend

Climb in balloon

Images taken from - https://montrealfetishweekend.com/photos/

Connecting by the roots at the Montreal Fetish Weekend

Here I am,
Once again.
At The Montreal Fetish Weekend.
7 days and many opportunities,
to deeply explore, play and share pleasures.

In this Festive Event,
Stripped from the daily life convention,
Now, proudly wearing this too often hidden part of myself,
My Kinky and Fetish Self.
Welcomed with a spot light and a red carpet,
Welcomed by thousands of others who are too,
Connecting by their Roots, by their Deep Desires.

I have that feeling, that you and I
Would surely find each other
where the Balloons are.

But Poppy, where are the Balloons you’d ask me ?
Sweet one, the Balloons are wherever you’d like them to be.
Now is the time to enjoy Balloons in the light of it all!
If that's what you wish...
Bring them on the Dance Floor,
with all those sexy beings around.
Play with them outside during the Photo Tour,
in downtown Montreal.
Have them in your hands 
while we watch the Latex Fashion Show.
Bounce on them, be in them, hug them, blow them, 
at the Balloon Pool Party,
and at the After Play-Parties.
Let your imagination guide you,
and inspire yourself from fellow Looners.

Maybe you’re an adventurer like me,
In a quest to Discover more, Know more,
Try more, Experience more.
I found myself feeling fulfilled,
Through the different Workshops and the Fetish Fair 
of that wild BDSM spectrum.
Through the many incredible Performances 
Offered during the whole event.

How good it is to see and to feel
All the joy coming out of those unique moments.
We’ll soon have the chance,
to all play together and share those fantastic memories.

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