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Real Looner Experiences - Nick Looner

How would you describe yourself?

Semi Popper

What are your favorite type, size and color balloon?

Unique 16 inch, purple

What is your first/ earliest looner memories?

Always a little too interested in balloons and scared of them popping from a very young age.

What is the best looner experience of your life?

After many years of hiding my fetish, I finally shared with my girlfriend. She was on board and turns out she was a blow to pop master! Best memory is taking her from behind while she blew up a massive green U16 until it exploded. Will remember that forever.

What's your favorite thing to do with a balloon that others might want to try?

Blowing them as big as possible and rubbing and squeezing them

If you could pop/ have balloons with one person who would it be?
I always had such a crush on Elena from Alissa Inflatables. Her passion and energy was so fun and sexy. I really miss her.

You can find all her clips here

Elena Clip 4 Sale
Elena Alissa Balloons

What is your ultimate fantasy with balloons?

private balloon party with all of my favorite Alissa Balloons models (Alissa, Elena, Michel, etc...) So many amazing blow to pops and naughty, sexy fun!

What is your favorite ever balloon clip. Please add link to C4S/ where people can buy and screen shot below

New favorite is Story of Alissa Pop a Thon. Perfect story by the perfect Alissa!

You can find this clip here - Story of Alissa Pop a Thon

Final question....you are in a room with 1,000 balloons what do you do?

Take all of the balloons and blow them up even bigger!

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