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Interview and open letter from Will Blown

Are you a popper/nonpopper/semipopper?

I am a popping nonpopper.  I can rarely bring myself to destroy something that brings me so much pleasure. I fantasize about popping and every once in a while I will have a popping event. I completely relate to nonpoppers who protect their balloons but I also relate to poppers who are excited by popping balloons. 

What are your social media accounts where you can be found?

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/will.blown.3/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willblown/
Website: https://www.teardropheaven.nl/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCB6sZ1TVT5p9_F0OUji1fAg

So give us the whole story from start to finish about you and balloons.....

I began taking photos and videos of my balloon extravaganzas as a way to share my balloon experiences with others. There is so much great balloon interaction content to be found but not that much content that is just focused on balloons.

I am often asked what kind of camera and equipment (lights/microphones) I use. I did experiment with a few high-end digital cameras but what works best for the way I work, is my iphone. When you have balloons that are so magnificent, it’s easy to take nice photos. The balloons get all the credit; I just push the button.

I have a successful business but I would love to have a balloon business. I set up teardropheaven.nl to inspire others to start living their fantasies instead of just dreaming about them and also to test the waters to see if I could earn a small income. On the site I sell a few of my precious Q24’s and a balloon care kit to help raise funds to “bring back the Q24”. 

When did you know you had a balloon fetish?

My first childhood memories are all balloon related. I have 8 vivid balloon memories that have shaped my taste in balloons. 

One of my first balloon memories is of early birthday party. Early in the day the most amazing birthday present arrived at the door- a giant bouquet of crystal blue helium balloons. 

I spent the rest of the day clutched to that bouquet of balloons. I never had had a something that captivated me the way that huge bouquet of balloons did; the tug of the helium, the shiny color, the sound of them bumping into each other.

When the party was over and the parents came to get their young ones, my mother brought each to me and let them pick a balloon to take home. When the last had left, there was only one balloon left. I was crushed. This is the day that balloons became something very special to me. Later events would just add to my feelings for balloons.

And then a few years later it all came together. I went with a group of friends to a county fair. Magically, out of nowhere, bouncing down the fairway comes a huge, new, shiny, pink balloon that literally drifted into my arms. Forget the fair! I just wanted to hold and touch that balloon! I spent the rest of the day protecting that balloon from the other boys who just wanted to pop it. I didn’t care how weird it looked, I wanted to have that balloon.

I took that great big, pink balloon home with me, tied it to my bed with just enough string so that it would dangled down by my face. Close enough that it would gently touch my check. The sight, the sound, the smell I just stared at it. My heart was racing, I could barely breath I was so excited. I had never felt that way before. That’s the day I officially became a looner. I didn’t choose balloons- balloons chose me!

How did you feel about your feeling for balloons? 

When I was in high school, my sister’s best friend filled her car with balloons. It was a big car and we lived 45 minutes away. I didn’t want to take the chance that my sister would notice just how excited I was so I climbed in the back of the car to be surrounded by all those colorful, shiny, smooth, balloons. So many balloons gently bumping against my body, it was truly heaven.

During my high school years, I also began to wish that balloons didn’t have such an effect on me. It was weird that I loved balloons this way. It just seemed a bit creepy. Why do balloons make me feel so good? What is wrong with me? I didn’t need balloons, I had girlfriends; I spent the next 15 years wanting balloons but being ashamed. I tried to deny myself balloons. I tried so hard to put them out of my mind, to quit my balloon habit. Luckily for me, ultimately, I failed.

Have you ever told anyone about your balloon fetish?

When I was 27, I met the love of my life. She was so amazing that I moved across the world to be with her in Amsterdam. We had a very passionate, tender, loving,  relationship. We were so great together that after a few years, we decided we wanted to make a family together and had a child. Our child brought us a lot of joy but it also changed our relationship from passionate lovers to roommate parents.

We were so focused on our child that the lovemaking stopped. That led to an affair and trying to find other ways to feel the passion I was missing. The internet was a good place to look at pictures of women and free porn. One desperate night in front of my computer I searched for “balloons+sex” and held my breath hoping that there might be others out there who also liked balloons the way I liked balloons.

When the results came back, I could not believe my eyes, I couldn’t breath, I began to shake! I am not alone. There are pictures and videos of spectacular women playing with balloons. There’s a “Balloon Buddies” mailing list filled with people just like me? I walked around for 3 days in a complete daze.

It’s hard to hide an affair. I got caught. I had to move out of the house. I was losing my family over meaningless sex. We talked every night after I visited my child. What happened? How did we lose our spark? Where do we go from here? 

One night on the couch, she turned to me and asked, “What really turns you on? Is there something I am missing? I was frozen. My head was spinning. I couldn’t just tell her. It was too embarrassing. What if she laughed? But on the other hand, what do I possibly have to lose at this point?

I am so embarassed, I can’t bring myself to tell her so instead, I give her a few hints and ask her to guess.

On her third guess she guessed, “balloons”? I almost passed out. She’s not laughing. “Yes, it’s balloons.” It gets really quiet. She looks up at me, smiles and says, “Balloons? Really? Ballooooons? That kind of sounds like fun! I am so relieved. I was scared it would be something I couldn’t do. Balloons? I can do that. Do you have any?”

Balloons not only saved our relationship but has also made it better. The spark we missed returned. Even though her body still wasn’t ready for sex, she had a really simple sex toy that she could use to give me untold pleasures. All she had to do was hold a balloon even just say the word balloon. She rented a cabin and we filled it with balloons. She knows my trigger and can pull it anytime she wants to put me in a state of extreme ecstasy.

My wife is the most amazing partner. Not only because she indulges me with balloon play on special occasions but also because she encourages me to explore my balloon fetish, to live out my wildest balloon fantasies instead of just dreaming about them. Now every few months I spend 2-3 days living out one of my many balloon fantasies. They are my balloon extravaganzas.

Not everyone is in the position to indulge themselves in a balloon extravaganza. I still can’t believe that I get to and I don’t want to forget what they were like so I capture my experiences and share them so others can enjoy them too.

What is your favorite balloon?

I think tried every balloon until about three years ago when I started asking myself why am I playing with this nice balloon when I could be playing with my ultimate balloon? The perfect balloon.; And that is what the Q24 is to me. Complete balloon perfection in every detail. The size, the tear drop shape, the feel, sound and smell. No other balloon comes close. And that makes perfect sense because the Q24 is in complete proportion to the 11” tear dropped shape balloons that I had as a child. It fits my body, it looks and feels exactly the way those 11” balloons did when I was small. Add to that the fact that they will soon be gone forever and they just are a balloon that drives me wild.

My 8 childhood memories are the basis of my fetish. 5 of those balloon memories involve helium balloons so it is no wonder that when I first used helium to blow up a huge bouquet of 20 Q24s and 20 Q16s, I was hooked. I was my fifth birthday party x 5! Helium just makes balloons that much more special. There is something about the tug of helium, the strings, the ability to control them.

For me, the more balloons the merrier! Filling a room from floor to ceiling is just like being back in my sister’s balloon filled car accept this time they are all mine!.

How do you feel about your fetish now that you are older?

Once I told my wife. Once I let go of the shame. Once I started to embrace my feelings for balloons instead of being embarrassed about them my fetish grew to a whole new, more intense level.

But it’s more than that. I feel blessed to have this fetish. It’s a gift and I am thankful for it more and more everyday because it not only saved my relationship and made it stronger, it’s completely taken away any temptation to fool around.

Balloons are always perfect 10’s –breathtakingly gorgeous. Balloons are always willing and never say no. I can have sexual adventures with many balloons at the same time.

Ride Rolls

Ride Rolls by Shosu - https://shosu.nl/product/shosu-ride-rolls/

Are you active in the balloon community?

I may be a solo act but I am by no means alone. Talk about a knowledgable group of people! I have learned so much about balloons from other looners. From the molecular structure of latex to why, where and how latex fractures. And then there is the support looners give each other. 

Here’s one example of how the community helped me.. A couple of years after the Q24 went out of production I went into a total crisis. What would I do when my favorite balloon was gone? Out of pure desperation, I made a plea for help and explained my situation, my fear of not having my favorite balloon to play with anymore. Shortly after, I was contacted by many looners. Looners who weren’t so crazy about their Q24s would sell me a few of theirs and usually at very reasonable prices. Two looners in Asia, visited their local balloon stores and bought every Q24 they could find. A German looner who had huge collection of Q24s came forward and offered to sell me a large selection of his Q24s collection– crystal colors at that. Within a year my collection had grown from a handful to two boxes full. My balloon security fears have been calmed for the next few years. And with the new R24 being developed by Roomtex Balloons to replace the Q24 I plan on having a supply of hundreds more! 

Looners, we have something very special. It’s a gift. Something that we should treasure, embrace and thoroughly enjoy. I wasted so many years trying to hide my passion for balloons, denying myself the pleasure of just enjoying the incredible, intense, pleasure they give me.

If there is a heaven, mine will be being surrounded by thousands of Q24 helium, filled balloons. But until then, for less than the cost of an extravagant meal or a night in a luxury hotel, I can create my own little piece of heaven right here on earth. 

Dear balloon fetish, 

Thank you for choosing me!

Sincerely yours,
Will Blown