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Alissa Balloon Origins Part 1

Alissa first green balloon
I couldn't explain my attraction to balloons but it's always been with me. At parties I would watch the boys and girls with them, my eyes fixed on them, it was fascinating to me. The colours, the anticipation and the sounds. I had popped them before, I always wanted more. It had not yet become part of my sexuality, a deep deep obsession.

I started to mature and my interest only grew, I had bought pleasure to myself but it never felt enough, there was a link missing. I started to understand that the link was balloons, I would think about having balloons around me and what I would to do them and myself.

One day at school I saw there was a green balloon leftover from an experiement. Something inside me stirred and I could not resist, I looked around and took the balloon. It rode in my bag all day and it was all I could think of, I didn't know exactly what I would do but I knew I wanted the balloon to give me pleasure.

Alissa one of the first balloons
Alissa one of the first balloons

I walked home and returned home, my parents not yet back I took the balloon to my room. It came out of my bag and the smell was enough already to excite. I bought my lips to the balloon, the first breaths gave it life and I felt tingles inside me.

As it grew I pressed it against me, my heart was racing, it's like nothing I ever felt before. I replaced the pressure of the balloon with hand and kept blowing. The balloon grew and grew.

I loved the green but I knew I needed to burst it and feel the ultimate release. I blew with everything I had, my heart racing out of my chest and my hand driving me to give more. A final breath explode the balloon and I reached exctacy.

I was still confused but also now understanding what bought me true pleasure........

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