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Interview with Jolynn Vissers

1) Give us an introduction about yourself. Name, where you are from, links to all your sites and favorite movie.

hello i am jolynn & 29 years old i come from belgium / antwerp and i am a porn model.
I am previously known at Kim Holland & you can find all my films at onlyfans.com/jolynn_vissers

2) Tell us how you first got into making a balloon video and what did you think the first time?

Knew a friend who made balloon movies for a special follower myself in the beginning I thought it was very exciting and a bit awkward but then I wanted to test it out myself and I loved being able to play with the balloons and have a sense of power to play to make

3) Would you describe yourself as a popper, semi popper or non popper?

A semi popper ..because I'm open to everything but balloon to pop, I'm still a bit scared of it
for the recoil

4) What is it you most enjoy about balloons?

I like the best that I can sit on it and they caress with the fierce sound the puncture of the balloons with my nails and I always love my pump

5) What is your favorite type of balloons and favorite way to pop them?

Have never done the long balloons I would like to do, but just the balloons the bigger the better

6) Tell us about your other video work, how you got into it and what you enjoy most about it

Came in by a friend and I think it is super fun to destroy them with nails and with my pump I love to do

7) You are in a room with 1,000 balloons. What do you do?

I would start walking between the balloons making me very angry throwing them up and kicking hard against the balloons that they fly up everywhere and kick them nicely with my heels and nails

8) Any final words to the looner community or anything else you'd like to add?

If I can just make balloon movies, I am already someone happy I say it I really like to play with the balloons also gives a variation to my work as a porn model

You can find Jolynn guest video for Alissa Balloons here too