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Interview with Miss Snapback

1) Give us an introduction to you. Name, links to all sites and how you first started with balloons?

Hey I am MISS SNAPBACK, 27 years old
I'm from Northern Germany and I shoot videos for the balloon and inflatable fetish.

Shoptly - www.shoptly.com/missSnapback
Payhip Store - www.payhip.com/missSnapback
YouTube Channel - https://youtube.com/channel/UC4KrMjii3nb5lcO1ZCzyBxA

Furthermore, we distribute our own balloons via our Instagramchannel (@miss_snapback) or via email (miss_snapback@web.de)

We? Exactly! My boyfriend and I. =)
Through him I got to know and love the balloon fetish. Through the looner scene we got to know the fun of the inflatables scene.

2) How would you describe your relationship/ feelings towards balloons?

I love the feel of the material on my skin or through the nylons I love to wear. In addition, pushing the balloons to the limit is insanely hot. The size of the balloons, the thin rubber and the danger of bursting are mega lovely.

3) You take some of the most wonderful photos and videos with so many balloons. Do you have a favorite balloon?

Thank you for the kind words. I am glad that I come across as authentic.
I love my Tuftex 17" with my Loonerdevil print. Privately, however, we also use our GL500 more often ;-)

4) What do you most like about balloons and what do you enjoy doing with them the most?

The most beautiful thing about balloons are their necks. I love to form them every time. To the limit!

5) You like to sell your used balloons, explain the process for anyone who would like some balloons from you?

Yes, exactly. Many love my used balloons. The thought that I used them and that they are completely worn out gives me a lot of fun with balloons.
There are many different types. The "customer" chooses the balloon and the way I torture it....
Inflate, ride, leave marks with fingernails or even wet from my breath. Much is possible there =) and ALWAYS completely discreet.

6) Can you remember your first balloon experience/ video. Tell us a bit about what happened and how you felt?

As a joke, my friend once filmed me doing it, and I had fun right in front of the camera. I didn't know the online video world myself. My friend told me and showed me a lot. I quickly learned that the perfect way to finance our mysterious hobby through our own videos. So it quickly became part of our everyday life. Today I really love and enjoy it. I hope everyone see it =)

7) Our all of the clips you've made are there any experiences that really stand out?

Hmm, that's hard to say. I had a first time so many times with all kinds of stuff... I was very excited before my first blow2pop. :D Of course one or the other has burst before when blowing up, but the first time consciously blowing in until it pops was very exciting.
I love all my videos in a certain way.

8. You are in a room with 1,000 balloons. What do you do?

I am not sooo the popper. I would probably enjoy myself for a very long time. Gladly together with my friend. And with certainty bursts there also times one or the other.

9) Anything else you would like to add/ say to the looner community?

I'm really proud of our community. So much love and so many lovely girls.
With a few exceptions, I am very happy. I hope that everyone sees that I am authentic. That is my own claim. I am not a model as some fetish studios offer. I am a real Loonergirl, I want to show that and I stand for it.