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Chris and his girlfriends looner session

1) Introduction

Hi, all! My name is Chris and I’m in my late 20’s. I identify as a heterosexual male, a looner and a gummi. I’m a semipopper: popping is great and all balloons deserve an honorable end, but balloons are definitely more fun before they’ve been popped.

I was asked to write about the balloon party my girlfriend and I held recently. A balloon party is pretty simple: over a few days or a week, you blow up as many balloons as you can and try to fill a room up with them. Once you’ve filled the room, run out of balloons, or gotten tired of having to step around them, you pop them all. (Or quietly let the air out with a pair of scissors when your roommate comes home unexpectedly, lol.)

We held this particular balloon party over the American 4th of July weekend this year. We’ve never had our own apartment without roommates before this, so we decided to fill the main living area. On Friday evening, we dumped my entire balloon collection in a big pile on the table. Over the next couple of days, we blew up some balloons whenever we were chillin’ or had a spare moment. If we were watching TV or relaxing, we’d blow up balloon after balloon, slowly adding to the pile on the floor. (The blankets are to keep the cat away, poor thing.)

We originally planned to stop after 3 days and pop them, but we were having fun and kept going all week. We didn’t pop them until the next weekend. Once we’d finally gotten tired of tripping on them, my girl put on a show for me, using her nails and some sexy heels to pop them all. She saved a couple of big ones and sitp opped them at the end. It was a wonderful time.

2) The Balloons Used

I tend to buy balloons much faster than I use them, so I usually have a drawer full of them. (Balloon parties are a great way to get rid of them.) I had a ton of standard, store-bought 12” and 9” party balloons, which are a favorite of mine. Mixed in with these were Qualatex 16” crystals, some larger 24” opaques, and a handful of other sizes and brands from a Balloon Ace Looner Pack. I also had a big bag of 12” clear crystals from DecoMex that I got on clearance and wanted to use up. We dumped all these in a pile and mixed them together, then just blew up whatever we wanted.

3) Inspirational Photos or Clips

When I was younger, I always had to hide my looning. I usually had an agenda when I played with balloons. (You know what I mean here, wink wink…) Now that I have more freedom, I like to explore balloons as a fun, pretty toy, without any kind of goal. It makes me happy and it’s very relaxing.

I’ve always loved watching clips where women play with a room full of balloons. It’s very sexy when they don’t have to hide what they’re doing. When I was younger, I wanted to experience that kind of play, so I began having balloon parties when I was alone for the weekend. After I told my girlfriend about my fetish, she joined in. It’s always an amazing and validating experience for us both.

My inspiration for this kind of play originally came from older videos by Loons-Elevator and Emma’s Balloons. I also really liked Alissa’s older stuff, with all her models having fun together. More recently, I enjoy Susy Loon’s content and clips from Studio Fuusen.

4) What Happened During The Session

I spent a lot of time relaxing on the couch that week, listening to audiobooks and blowing up balloons. By the time we were done a week later, our main living area was buried in 3 or 4 feet of balloons.

I love to blow balloons up inside other balloons, so I spent a lot of time inflating 9” loons inside 12” and 12” inside 16”. My favorite is to put small balloons inside big clear crystals. I also had some giant 18” stuffing loons, and I blew up 16” Qualatex crystals inside of them. They looked amazing and it was super sexy to see my girl ride on top of them. Balloons are great to pop when they’ve got smaller balloons inside them: you pop it, but then you have to pop it again. (And sometimes a third time, heehee…)

At the end of the session, my girlfriend cleaned them up with some sharp heels and her fingernails. I did most of the work preparing them, so it’s only fair she has to clean them up, right?

5) Stats For The Session

We easily popped a few hundred that week. Our coffee table was covered in uninflated loons when we started, and half of them were gone when we finished. The floor was covered in 3 or 4 feet of balloons in most places. Since I had blown so many up inside others, there were actually a lot more balloons than you can see at first glance. After we popped them, all the pieces filled up a small shopping bag.

6) Ideas For Next Time
I really enjoyed the variety of balloons we used this time around. I usually use mostly 12” generic balloons because they’re much easier to get in America than Looner Ace or JennyLoons. I definitely want to find ways to add a more sizes and brands to my collection so I can blow up a greater variety of balloons next time.

I’m also looking forward to having a house. One of the biggest problems with balloon parties is the noise. Fill a room up with 300 balloons, and some of them will find a way to pop. (Always at 2am, too.) A mass pop at the end also makes a lot of noise. I look forward to having a house someday so I don’t have to worry about people in neighbouring apartments complaining about the noise.

For the record, our poor cat was not amused about the balloon invasion. He got some extra treats and cuddles that week to make up for it. Now he’s got his spot by the window back and he’s happy again.

Have a session you want to share? Message @andrewtaylor on Telegram