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Looner Story from Tom

...friday evening ,home alone ,watching a scary movie about a witch named Mishel 🧛‍♀️
She is so cruel and dangerous.
They tell that after the last scène you must say her name tree times while holding a burning candle ,only then you will be safe during the night... or else she will come in the room and will make your worst nightmare come true !
I don't buy it and go to sleep.

After about 45 min i hear a sound in my room ,i know what that is... big tight 17" balloons bobbing against each other ,louder and louder ,WTF !?
My loons are in my hiding place ,it can't be !
BAM !!! A balloon hits me right in the face ,i jump up and send them flying all over the place ,it's dark but i just know there are lots of them... BANG... there goes one to pieces ,i am scared like hell.

But wait ,i since there is somebody else in the room ,it's to dark to see.
A very bad scary feeling is crawling inside my guts ,very slowly my hand tries to find the light button.

OMG... THERE SHE IS ,standing in a see of balloons ,an evil grin on her face ,eyes so cold like ice ,slowly lifting up her arm and pointing at me whit the longest sharp black nails i ever saw.
Dressed in a long black coat ,high heel boots and sharp pins all over her body ,this is going to be ugly very fast.

She lifts up her other hand ,balloons move out of the way ,i hear her wisper something and with a flick of the rist i find myself thrown and stuck to the wall.
I can't move at all... she wades trough the balloons ,they burst when touching the pins ,heels and nails.

With another flick all loons fly up to the sealing and keep bobbing there ,her eyes turn from blue to green ,her nails turn purple and her coat drops to the floor.
She is wearing a dress made from popped loons ,her boobs bounce behind the latex while she is getting closer... i stumble "Mishel is this really you?"

She points at me with one nail and scratches her name in my chest ,it hurts like hell.
Sudden all the loons fall down again ,she grabs them one by one and pushes them against my face ,her nails sink deep in the latex until they explode ,every time her claws hit my face.
I am so scared ,why does she pops all my beautiful balloons and hurt me so much ,the only thing i can do is begging her to stop "Mishel please let me go ,please stop bursting my loons..."
But she only laughs louder and is kicking and batting them very hard all over the place.
They random pop and the latex is snapping my skin.

Then she walks back to me ,one of her fingernails is digging in my belly ,i hear a small POEF and my body starts to deflate until i am an empty bag on the floor ,the last thing i remember is her heels stepping on my empty shell.

I wake up with a chock ,all wet from sweating ,confused i look at the clock... 09:30 ,still confused i get up and walk to the bathroom.

Slowly recovering from the nightmare i just had ,that Mishel witch got me good ,damn.
Just to be shure i check my balloon box in the bathroom... EMPTY...i turn around and look in the mirror..."MISHEL" IS SCRATCHED ALL OVER MY CHEST... i panic and run into the bedroom ,10 black claws reach out and squeeze me to shreds KABOOOOOOOOM 💥

The full clip is here too if you want to see what actually happened...