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Andrew's balloon session July

1) Little introduction

I'm a 36 year old male popper. I've always loved watching videos and in the last 3-4 years become more and more into popping balloons myself, although it's still a fear for me

2) The balloons used

I've always been a store balloon guy until recently, I'd usually just get 12 inch balloons from the shops. In the last 6 months or so I've discovered more and more balloons ranging from 14 inch to 24 inch.

In this session I had 12 inch store balloons, 14 inch bebals, 16 or 17 inch Tuftex of various colours.

3) Clips watched for inspiration or photos you love

While inflating I love to watch clips with talking and teasing like from Madam Bangs or Brittany (Lips 2 Balloons)

Then when popping I like to watch/ listen to clips with lots of popping, it make me feel less afraid/ more motivated to pop. Susy Loons clips are amazing for this.

4) What happened during the session.

I'm always slightly slow to start, mostly sit and nail popping. Then as I get more and more into it my fear reduces and I just want to pop loads. Then I will start b2p and in this session pump to pops.

5) Stats for the session

Around 120 balloons, all popped.

6) Ideas for next time/ inspiration from the session

Ordered a bunch of balloons from Balloons United, love the Bebal 14 inch. Would love to do 300 or so in one go.

Have a story of a session you want to share? Put it in the format above with questions 1-6. Send your tasteful answers and pictures to @andrewtaylor on Telegram.