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Interview with Goth Amber

Give us a little introduction about you and how you got into balloons....

Well my initial reason for putting myself out there on the internet was to do nsfw cosplay (I'm a Cosmetologist by day and a fashion and anime enthusiast) and i have a personal passion for all things sex, kink, and fetish. As i was exploring some fetishes, i came across a gorgeous looner content creator who had some overlapping fetishes that i had dabbled in (mouth fet, giantess, vore). She looked so beautiful with balloons i just couldn't stop thinking about it. But, i have had a lifelong phobia of balloons. So the next step was to conquer it. And well.. As a masochist, it seems fucking my fear just really does it for me 😉


So talk us through the first shoot/ video when you were afraid. What happened?

Well I eased into looning by starting with inflatables, well come May of this year and I have some balloons laying around from an event, so i finally said today is the day. They were only some small, maybe 10 or 12 inches at most, and I don't even think I managed to neck them but I was so proud of myself.

What did you enjoy the most about the first video, then how did things progress from there?

The thrill of doing something I had avoided for so many years, on my terms. It was empowering and quite therapeutic. As soon as i finished filming, I made my first balloon ace order and haven't looked back since.

So what was in the first order and what are some of the most memorable moments/ videos you've made?

My first order was the big looner pack and a couple other balloons. Got my first duck but didn't do any reading on for to inflate it and it immediately popped! But the most memorable moment would be riding my first balloon.

What was so memorable about riding your first balloon? Many looners will remember their first too.

Well, the orgasm haha. I enjoy different sensations and materials against my body and i just fell in love with latex that night.

I'm sure many looners had same experience. So how did things progress from afraid of balloons, riding and orgasm to starting to pop them?

A custom actually. A 200 balloon room pop. It was so scary but i was determined to go all the way. I asked for a little time to practice and he graciously agreed. So i started by nail popping some older, tied off balloons that I had stashed in my closet. That turned out to be quite easy. Not too loud as they were slightly deflated by that point.

So you popped them all, by the end did you enjoy popping more? Tell us more about some customs you've done since and the best way for people to order/ explain what they want. And what is on/ off limits?

By the end, i was covered in welts, which i loved. And that's when balloons really started to overlap with my love of all things BDSM.

I think the second custom I did for this same client, a 500 balloon room video, this time I masturbated in the balloon room before popping them all. That was so fun for me, cumming is my favorite past time.

My other favorites would be a b2p JOI I did with loonersucubus, as well as being whipped on a big 44" balloon.

Welts are part of being a looner. Where is best location you've had one? So a fear of balloons to popping 500. Recently a collab with @loonersuccubus where you even made b2p. How do you now feel about balloons?

B2p often welt my cheeks, and i always end up with welts in my cleavage, and inner thighs. As far as how i feel about balloons now? Well, they just do it for me. I enjoy so much about them, from how innocent they look, to how violent they can get.

And what's next for you? Anything else you'd like to say to the looner community?

Next, loonersucubus I are planning an abroad trip for a bit of public looning. Looner Princess's deserve looner photo's in Castle ruins 😉

Amber kindly donated a clip for all to enjoy too. Fantastic b2p. We are glad she got over her fear of balloons.