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Meet our new model Kalyna

1) Give us a little introduction about yourself?

Hi! My name is Kalyna, I'm from the Ukraine and I love photography, modelling, keeping fit at gym and sometimes undoing all the work with pizza.

2) How did you first come to make videos with balloons?

I used to do some work on a gig site (no longer) where I would make videos for customers based on their needs. I was asked a few years ago to make a video with some balloons so I said sure thing. I always really liked balloons and was excited to make video with them.

You can see this clip here


3) How did your first clip go?

Well I was a little bit afraid of the balloons at first, it had been a little while since I'd popped them and the blowing them until they pop was a bit scary. At the end I was really happy and had so much fun, so many balloon pieces to clean up too.

4) Then what happened next?

I made many videos for this person, mostly popping 50-100 balloons at one time with many different outfits. The more I made the less afraid I was and the more I just enjoyed having fun popping balloons. Every time I made a video I enjoyed it more and more.

I popped them in almost every way I could think of, the customer let me be creative and just do what I loved.

5) How many balloons do you think you have popped in your life now?

Hard to say, maybe 3,000. Many when I was younger, I always liked doing it at parties and used to pop them very often. Then with videos over a few year many many more. I hope to increase these numbers.

6) Do you have any favorite balloons or popping techniques yet?

Mostly in videos I've popped 12 inch balloons, from my local store but since starting with Alissa I've been sent some really cool new balloons so I will see soon what are my favorites. I really like to sit on balloons, it's fun for me to make them pop in this way. Some days I also like blowing them until they explode....when I feel brave.

7) What made you want to work for Alissa?

My friend told me about her studio and that they made really nice videos with balloons. I really like photography and modelling so thought it would be cool to combine this with some balloon fun. So I plan to explode many balloons, make some beautiful videos and take some cool photos for those who like to watch me with balloons.

I also like to try and improve at all that I do, I've seen some videos of Mishel and want to one day be like her when I make. I'm excited to work for Alissa and hopefully make lovers of balloons very happy with my work.

8) A question we ask most people we interview is.....if you were in a room with 1,000 balloons what would you do?

Wow. Maybe one day I can make. But I think sit on many of them, make many explosions. I think I would end up just popping them very fast, I really like to explode lots of balloons once I start.

9) You just made your first clips for Alissa, how did it go?

It was so fun. I had around 250 balloons, some new ones I've never seen before too. I spent whole day inflating them with my sister and then made so many videos popping them all.
I want to do again soon!

You can see all the clips here, one new clip posted each week from two angles


You can also check out this 6 minute sample of some of her first videos

6 minute sample Kaylna