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Interview with Susy Loon

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I was looking through Instagram for inspiring looner photos and found the most wonderful images, with beautiful colours and a woman who loves balloons and understands the way looners feel. I wanted to know more about this intriguing lady. Meet Susy Loons.....

Give us an introduction. Your name, links to all your channels and how you got into balloons.
My name is Susy, I'm Brazilian, I'm 27 years old and I have an intense love relationship with my balloons. They make me happy and I love them. My videos and photos are available at the links below


What was your first experience with balloons
I remember storing birthday party balloons at my house when I was younger, I would play with them when no one was home.


Would you describe yourself as a popper, non popper or semi popper?
Semi popper. I like to spend time with them, feel the latex in every way and then blow them up

What is your favourite balloon. Size, color, shape
The love of my life is the tuftex 17 and 24 of purple crystal. They are the most perfect things in the universe. I am dying to try a CAT12X GL1200, but here in Brazil it is very difficult to have access to good products.

What is your favourite thing/s to do with balloons?
I date with my balloons. I like to fill my mouth to the maximum, sit, squeeze, pop. I love to pop them sitting on them after seeing their beautiful long necks and then sit to pop them.


You take amazing photographs, what do you most like about combining photography and balloons?
I am in love with lace lingerie. I like to combine the colors of lingerie with balloons. The blue makes a beautiful contrast to my red hair. I am also passionate about photography, but only recently have I directed the lens at myself, and I am in love.

What do you hope to do in future with balloons?
I want to learn about video clip production and make the most beautiful videos in the world for my beloved followers.

Tell us one thing not many people know about you?
I am extremely shy and until recently I didn't even take a selfie. And look at me now in the videos. I can't believe it.

What is the best way for people to work with you and what do you most like to do
I've met a lot of people since I opened my instagram account and discovered that there are a multitude of ways to experience latex, in addition to the ones I do. I like to make customised content because it allows me to discover and live new things with my balloons, no matter how exotic they seem to be. You can message me on Instagram if you have an idea for me to try in a custom video for you.


Anything you would like to say to the looner community or anything else you'd like to add
10) Thank you for the opportunity to show a little bit of me in this space. I am immensely happy to have participated in this interview. I feel very welcomed by the looner community and I receive many affectionate messages. I'm loving record my romance with my balloons.

You can find Susy's guest clips on Alissa Balloons also