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Interview to looner Tom about his documentaries

News Interview

Meet Tom, he is a looner who has made two amazing looner documentaries for our wonderful community.

The first with Elise

The second with Gwen on the show Spuiten en Slikken

Tell us a bit about yourself and your first looner experience?
My name is Tom Vanmulderen ,i am from Belgium
I am 43 years and my looning life started when i was about 13 years old.
One day i went to a school graduation party from my brother ,on the playground was a stage for speeches and games ,suddenly the presenter asked all moms from the graduating students on stage... he handed every woman a balloon ,they had to do a b2p race for prizes !
I was stunned with what i saw, 30 beautiful women blowing big advertising balloons (it was 1991 after all and the event balloons where bigger back then).
One by one the loons got bigger and bigger and necks began to form , I was in awe and overwhelmed by the sight. The first gigantic loon exploded and whit it two others ,the game was over and the 3 winners selected.

The other women stopped blowing and knotted their loons or let it fly.
Most of the loons that flew into the public where popped by nails ,shoes or cigarettes BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG !!! It was insane for me because i was still scared at that point ,but that was about to change...
I looked up and a big overinflated purple loon flew my way in the wind ,it flew right in my arms ,what a beautiful monster .
One of the mothers saw it and walked over to me ,she clearly was a bit drunk ,her high heels made that special klicking sound.
I remember she had this overwhelming cleavage and her jolly boobs bounced up and down ,when she was in front of me she said “i think you are to old for balloons !” ,her hands made aggressive claws whit red pointy fingernails which she slammed in my loon KABOOOOOM !!!
She turned around and walked away whit this evil smile on her face.
I was nailed to the ground ,but i was not scared or sad at all ,i felt a strange feeling for the first time in my life.
I was so excited whit what just happened ,it felt amazing and very sexual (well ,now i know what it was).
The rest of the day i could not stop thinking about it. After a few hours the same woman walked over to me again holding the most beautiful helium balloon i ever saw ,she handed it over and apologised for what she did. She made me very happy ,i took it home and it stayed with me under the sheets that night ,i kept it as long as possible. From that day on i knew i had a special thing for balloons ,i was still afraid of popping but over the years i became the most cruel popper ever...
Over the next years i explored everything about the fetish and discovered (whit the brand new internet) that i was not alone in the world.
My best years were in my former home where my wife gave me the whole attic to construct my own loon room. Now i get a bit older and our new home is not ideal for playing ,i have to do it in our bedroom and need to clean everything after every playtime ,so i moved my joy to pics and clips.
I have almost 1,5 tigabite on clips and they give me a lot of pleasure. I don't really need to feel a balloon in my hands anymore ,i inflated thousands so got used to it. But is still go to escort ladies from time to time (yes my wife is ok whit that) to play whit my loons.
I love dominating women who burst my loons like they just don't care ,teasing me whit their nails until they explode. I think my first experience on the school playground has a lot to do whit that.
My escort girls now exactly what i like and we have lots of fun ,sadly we had Covid last year so it was not possible to go.
So... this is me !!
How did you meet Elise?
A Belgian fellow looner/photographer and very good friend by now was asked by Elise Van Vlaanderen ,a Belgian producer who makes quality porn ,if he wanted to make a vlog with her about our fetish.


It was not his cup of tea so he asked me to do it.
I was open for the idea so I contacted her.
We talked a lot and i had a very good feeling whit Elise ,she is a very sweet openminded woman who knows what she wants.
So we set a date and i went to meet her in a stunning loft in Antwerp.
She and her boyfriend ,also producer and camera operator ,welcomed me whit open arms ,it was amazing and i was right at home.
First we talked about the balloons a bit and discussed how we would make the vlog ,first an interview and then a demonstration so she could place her in our shoes (she is a very quick learner !!!).
We were ready to shoot... i was much more calm then i expected ,they were so professional.

What happened during the shoot
We both took a seat next over each other and on a big tv in the background was a clip visible from Oxana (thank you for letting me use the footage miss).
Elise blew a very small party balloon as an intro but let it fly because she made the point i was used to bigger examples.
Between our introduction and the shoot i had blown up a lot of balloons from all sizes ,shapes and brands. They where everywhere in the room ,Elise loved them very much and even took some pvt pics whit them.
So back to the interview ,she started whit a few simple questions and i started telling about everything there is to know.
The words came whit ease and it's maybe unbelievable
but we did the whole interview in one take (bit proud of that i must admit).
After the interview she changed into a sexy latex outfit for part 2... i was getting nervous now hahahahaha.
She walked into the pile of big balloons and kicked them whit her heels while lighting up a cigarette.
I had to give her directions and she started popping and teasing ,she even sat on my lap on top of a tight TT17” ,oh boy... i was lost.
She worked her way through every balloon until all were gone ,i was sweating like a horse but had all the fun in the world.
At the end i had one challenge left for her ,a B2P race ! She accepted and was excited to try it.
I gave her a yellow TT17” and took a blue one myself. We started blowing and the loons got huge very fast ,i wanted to see her burst it so i slowed down to watch ,after a few seconds hers went KABOOOOM !!

She was very surprised how hard it was to do a B2P.
I finished mine but the actual pop did not made it on cam. After that intense game she thanked me for the afternoon and we stopped filming.
She and her boyfriend wanted me to stay and tell a bit more about everything ,we had lots of fun and she even got pizza's delivered.
Before i went home we agreed on making a few clips in the near future ,is was very excited to hear that.
It was time to say goodbye ,i drove home without any loons left but whit the best memory ever... what a day !

How is Elise in supporting the looner community
Elise must be the most open minded person i know ,anything goes as long as there is respect and understanding.
She is not a looner at all but she really understands what a fetish is all about and gets what the triggers are.
During filming she understood exactly what drove me crazy ,she kept looking at my eyes to see my reaction on the things she did whit the balloons.
Next to that she is a very powerful woman whit a very dominant edge and appearance (even if she is really sweet) ,i love that in a woman because i like to be dominated and i like my balloons to be dominated.
She was intrigued whit the fetish and that is why she wanted to make a few clips as well (and until a few weeks the Onlyfans page which is sadly closed now because not enough members ,to bad...).
She is just perfect to play out my looner kinks !
Maybe she will make more ,i hope so.
The community was very positive and accepted the things we discussed ,some did not like the fact that i had a mask on but i knew this was going to be published on Youtube and a few sites so that was my choice.
I had many good reactions ,still do from time to time ,i had a revival after i was on Dutch tv whit the live show Spuiten & Slikken (no easy way to translate this hahahaha).
I am still happy i did this ,i wis more people would make such vlogs.
What was the highlight for you from this shoot?
I can be clear about that... The few scenes where she stood very close to me ,a balloon between us ,and her nails teasing the tight latex while she looked in my eyes... i was like butter in the oven !!
I totally forgot about the camera at those moments.
But i also must admit that the real sexual tension came when i was back home ,when i could reflect on all the things we did. During shooting there is not really time or a place for that. Yes i was mega horny that evening and that is all you can know about that.


How did i meet Gwen?
The Dutch tv show Spuiten & Slikken is always looking for new kinky stuff about erotica and drugs (yes the Dutch people live more free and have an open mind). One day i got a message on Facebook (i was very active back then ,now i only use Instagram) from the producer ,she wanted to call me for a possible shoot at my home and on location to act out our fetish.
I spoke whit her and she even visited me at my home to take a look what was possible (she drove 3 hours to meet me !!).
We had a very good talk and she loved my attic.
She told me she would contact me again after a few months.
And when i didn't expected it anymore i got a new call that the shoot was on ,Gwen Van Poorten would be the host and wanted to experiment whit my loons.
There would be 3 parts in the shoot/show.
– A visit at my loonroom whit a small interview and some demo play.
– A playful activity in a rented B&B room.
– Later on a liveshow on Dutch tv where i was guest.
So after a few weeks the crew came to my house ,they were all very friendly and Gwen was heaven... hahahahaha.
I was a bit nervous because this was for national tv (even if it was not Belgian) but i calmed down after talking to Gwen ,she was very professional and easy to talk to.

Tell us about the shoot with Gwen
– At home
The crew (camera ,sound ,producer and host) went all to my small attic ,damn it was crowded and even more whit all the loons i blew up for them !!
I also prepared my mosquito tent on the bed and filled it whit overinflated TT17” loons.
Gwen started to look around and was in awe ,she never expected this at all ,it was so much fun.
Sha was also scared ,nope she is not a convinced popper... but i made her pop !!!
We started whit a small interview and demo of all kinds of loons.
After that i convinced her to get inside the balloon filled tent with me and burst some ,eventually she liked digging in her sharp nails and see my reaction.
We made a few more close ups and extra footage and closed the shoot whit a few pictures so i would have a souvenir.
– At the B&B
We all drove to a nearby B&B where they rented a room for us.
The intention was that we would act out the situation like i visited my escort ladies.
I blew up more then 100 TT17” and Gwen changed her outfit in something sexy... i did not know where to look first !!
She did became more and more popper ,that was the good thing.
After the shoot we both popped the remaining loons in a rapid mode ,that was a lot of fun (her nails where very sharp ,one touch and BANG) ,and also made a few pics of us.



I went home and they went back to the Netherlands.
Now i had to wait for the live show ,i was very tired and slept like a loon king.
– The liveshow !!
It was a very long drive to the Dutch studio's and i was excited to get there ,had no idea what to expect... this was going live on national tv ,who would ever know that balloons would bring me there ?
I arrived in the late afternoon and was welcomed by the reception ,they were so kind to me.
The producer came to pick me up and we walked to the studio ,she showed me around and explained a bit what we would do ,next i found myself waiting in a guest room whit some other people who would be on the show. We got all the drinks and food we wanted and started talking to each other.
The show started whit another topic and after a while they came to get me. It was very strange to be in the studio ,Gwen was sitting at a big table whit some other guests and i joined them.
Because i was anonymous I got a special microphone who scrambled my voice but i always had to wait 5 sec before answering the questions because they had to activate it every time ,that was not easy i must say.
It was a good but short interview ,they even placed balloons all over the studio ,Gwen had one whit her and playful nail popped it for me !


They showed the footage we made on location and at the end i had to try a climb-in balloon ,but that was such a mess and almost not possible whit all my clothes on hahahahahahaha !! It worked only half and popped while trying.

After that the show ended ,they gave me a spare climb-in balloon en a bottle of wine.
That was that ,i made it on tv somehow.
It was a long drive home but i was happy ,i do admit the shoot whit Elise was better and more natural.
Gwen & the community
Gwen is a beautiful person and very open minded ,she also has seen a thing or two in het business...
At first she didn't get the fetish and could not make the connection whit erotica or sex ,I really had to go the extra mile to show her what we feel when playing whit balloons. And even then i got the feeling she wasn't really convinced about it.
It was my intention to show it in the B&B but as told before i could not touch her at all ,so my chances blew out of the window so to speak.
She is an amazing woman and i always admired her work ,i keep very good memories from that day !
The community reacted very good ,better then i expected. For some reason it didn't show we had some misunderstandings and everybody liked the show.
I made a lot new friends because of it and it was an amazing experience to be on tv.
I have no regrets ,but it was my last performance in public. Always stop when you are at your highest point ,so that is what i did (except for this rare interview i agreed to whit pleasure).
What was the highlight from this shoot?
Oh dear... whit this shoot there were more i guess... but if i had to pick two :
–the moment Gwen slammed her claws mid air in a balloon (there is a screenshot of that moment).
– The liveshow experience in a real studio.
Looning made my life more complete and interesting ,having a fetish is like a gift ,it's kind of sad that not all people have one.
As long as you can control it and it doesn't takes over your life it's a fantastic feeling to enjoy ! I don't care what others say but keep in mind that some people out there will try to hurt you because they don't get it or don't want to accept/understand it.
Keep your borders up and protect yourself ,but most of all keep blowing them big and shiny !!!!!
Lots of greetings from Belgium , Best regards Tom.