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Meet Kief!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from.
A: I'm 22 years old and living in the lovely city of Hamburg, Germany. I was born and raised here.
Like for many, my phobia, which I had almost all my childhood, originally sparked my interest in balloons. But by now this is actually no longer an issue for me.

If I don't do stuff with balloons, I love spending my time with music, friends, playing games, cars and cooking food.

Q: Tell us about your Youtube channel. Include links to channel
A: I make balloon videos with my Fursuit since almost two years now and enjoy popping balloons a lot!

I also do nonpop videos and try to get other furries and friends to make videos together as often as I can.

You can check out my channel here:

Q: Tell us about the character Kief, how did it all begin?
A: The character and design was actually made by a friend years ago. It was theirs back then and they gave it for me to wear for fursuiting together on a christmas market.

Later that evening they told me I really looked cute in it and they offered me to buy it. That's how I ended up with the costume.
It meant to be a shark but I felt like it looked more like a dragon, so I got myself a new tail and now it's a fluffy dragon!

Q: What are your favourite balloons?
A: Unique 16" are my daily go-to and I like popping those the most. They are soft and pretty.
When I feel like doing something else I love using all kinds of figure shaped balloons, like the mouse or ducks.

Q: Explain what you like about costume play and balloons.
A: I've been a furry for a few years now and I've always had some looner friends in the community too.

Many furries tend to treat their "weird interests" pretty open to each other and it really gave me a lot of confidence not having to be secretive about it.

Also from the very beginning i thought it was super cute seeing fursuits playing with balloons, it really fits the innocent, playful part that I love about balloons.
At the point where I got the costume I started doing videos with balloons, it helped me with getting confident showing myself in front of the camera and I like seeing myself wearing it too.

Q: What have been some of your favourite videos to make so far?
A: The most fun videos to make were always those where I could have balloon play with other friends in it. 

That really strikes my creativity and it's always exciting to have new interactions!
One of my favorite videos that I could make is this one: 

Where a friend of mine built this cage for an art project and had a photo studio rented out that we could use.

Being stuck in there with the balloon growing bigger was a lot of fun. Sadly I catched a bit of a fever that day but it was amazing nonetheless.

Q: What is coming up for Kief?
A: I don't have any special plans yet, but I can tell for sure there will be more balloon popping videos and maybe I'll record some extra videos with cute inflatables because I recently added some to my collection.

I'll also try to have more guests for my videos for doing balloon and inflatable stuff together!

Q: Which are your favourite techniques of popping
A: In Fursuit I love doing blow to pops but I rarely do it when not recording a video. Probably my favorite popping method is sit popping, you really feel the balloon well that way and can push it slowly to see how much it can hold.

Q: Do you have a video from Alissa that you like most or has ever inspired ideas for your videos?
A: Yes I love Alissas party cleanup and balloon room popping videos! They look super fun and playful and I really enjoy balloons popping all over the place.

Final question. Will you do a video with me? I want a challenge
A: Sure
Coming soon........