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Interview with Fabi (Brazil Loons) and video interview


Interview with Fabi our newest model

It's not often we have new models at Alissa Balloons, we love only to work with those who truly love the fetish and have a deep understanding. Looking a Fabi's videos when she asked to work for us we fell in love with her smile and obvious love for balloons

Looner girl Fabi and her balloons

1) Tell us your name and where you are from and one thing about you not many people know

My name is Fabiola, I'm from Brazil and I'm an ice cream maker

Big red balloon

2) Are you a popper, non popper or semi popper?

I'm a semi popper but most of the time the poor balloons die

Getting ready for balloon session

3) How did you get into making balloon videos and what was the first one you made?

I have been a Looner for 9 years but I thought I was the only one. In November 2020 I saw the #looner for the first time and opened a Looner Instagram but then I saw the big balloons and all the brands so I started making videos to buy bigger and better balloons

Sitting on balloons

4) What do you feel when you pop balloons? Excitement, fear, fun etc.

When I pop a balloon I feel like conquering the world! I was phobic for too many years and now every time I pop one I feel some kind of power mixed with excitement which makes it super fun

Fabi ready to be with balloons

5) What is your favorite thing to do with balloons? Like favourite popping technique

I love to dance on balloons till they pop. I really enjoy nail popping but first a lot of hugging and kissing

Blowing balloons outside

6) What is your favorite size, colour and size balloon

My favourite colors are purple and clear. About the sizes will depends of my mood: sometimes I blow a lot of 9 just to pin pop or nail to pop if I'm stressed. To listen some music I like the 25" so I can dance on them. For B2P I like 12"

Balloon popping outside

7) You have great smile and look like you love being around balloons. What is your dream video with balloons?

My biggest dream is to be in a room full of GL1200 some with helium!

Fabi inflating balloons

8) If you were in a room with 1,000 balloons what would you do?

First I'll scream of happiness! Ride them, hug them, and after love a massive popping with a huge smile in my face

9) What are the links to your videos/ customs for people to buy your content, see what you do with balloons and make and order. Of course now my videos are on Alissa Balloons and I love being able to make videos for this studio.


Fabi after popping

9) What would you like to say to the looner community or anything else to add.

The Looner community is awesome as long as there's respect and support for each other. It's nothing to be ashamed of cause we are not harming anybody, and in my case everybody knows I'm a Looner, my family, my friends and even my bosses. Balloons makes people happy!

Check out her videos on C4S and Alissa Balloons now!


FULL Video interview with Fabi