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Meet our next guest. Brittany!!!!


This is a video interview with Brittany based on questions and video answers

Hey Sweetie! My name is Britany and I made this channel specific to Balloons, Inflatables, and Bubble gum. I have a ASMR channel Lips2Tingles but I wanted a place where my looners could get specific content to enjoy!

You can find more infornation here

Question 1) Your name and which country you are from?

Question 3) Explain a little more about ASMR for those that are not familiar.

Question 4) What do you most like doing with balloons?

Question 5) What is your favourite type of balloon, size and color.

Question 6) Tell us about your Patreon channel, what the videos on there involve?

Question 7) What has been your favorite video/s to make with balloons?

Question 8) What is your history with balloons. Eg did you used to pop them before making videos. Are you afraid of balloons popping at all?