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Bendy Brooke

Our next guest does some of the most unique and wonderful things with balloons. Her videos truly are a special thing in our community and we wanted to know more about Brooke....

1) Give us a little intro about yourself

Hey, I'm Brooke! I am a content creator and camgirl who loves balloons. I have been making balloon videos for just under two years now, and it is something I really love to do! I also like to play video games and draw in my free time.

2) How did you get into making balloon videos? Like when did you start and can you remember the first one you made?

I started making balloon videos a few months after I started camming. Someone had me pop my birthday balloons and told me about the fetish, so I made some videos a few days after that. The first video I made was a small mass pop with 12-inch balloons. Only a few months after that and I'm making balloon videos all the time, it is my favorite kind of content to make and I have so much fun playing with and popping balloons!

3) How would you describe your relationship or feeling towards balloons?

Forever inflating, dare I make the pun? Haha, I really love balloons, and I find more things I love about them and doing with them often! But as pretty as balloons can be, I always have the temptation to pop them. Usually I give in to that temptation.

4) What is your favorite size, color and type of balloon and why?

My favorite balloon has to be a 17-inch Tuftex in crystal purple. I really love the crystal colors for any balloons, but I especially like the color scheme of Tuftex's crystals. They are my favorite balloons because of how much they can stretch out and overinflate, alongside how durable they are.

5) You do some amazing and different things in your videos. What are some of your favorite memories from videos you've done

Thank you! It's really hard to pick a favorite memory, I have so much fun making all of my balloon videos! One thing that was very fun was when I started popping balloons inside balloons. I went to sit to pop one, not knowing which balloon would pop first. The bigger one popped first, which had me land on the smaller balloon. This was very entertaining to me. Another fun memory, although it's happened several times, is having a blow to pop that never seems to stop! I get exhilarated when I have one necking already, but it keeps going for several minutes after and just keeps getting bigger. 

6) You are in a room full of balloons. What is it you most like to do?

I love "swimming" through a room full of balloons! I also may have a bit too much fun just laying under them. But the best way to end fun with a room with balloons is with a boom! Sit popping and nail

7) You do live shows on My Free Cams, what is the best and worst line you've heard on there?

I have heard several good lines, it's hard to pick just one! People have made some very clever puns and innuendos about my balloons. The worst line had to be "you have a balloon fetish? I thought that was a weird thing only guys had?". 

8) Tell us about all of your sites for people that don't already know (give me all links you want me to send people too

I post my balloon content on MFCshare (MyFreeCams), Clips4Sale, ManyVids, and my balloon OnlyFans page.





9) Alissa loves your work and style, would you like to do a collab video with her one day or attend a balloon party she hosts one day? If so what would you bring to the party (Alissa has done balloon parties in the past with looner guests)

I would love to do a collab video or attend a balloon party! I would bring some of my favorite balloons, probably a bunch of 17 & 24-inch Tuftex, and my inflatable unicorn!

10) Thanks for your time, is there anything else you'd like to add or say to the looner community

Thank you for interviewing me! I love how supportive and welcoming the looner community has been, and how full of genuinely good people it is! I look forward to continuing to make balloon videos for many years to come, balloons are just too much fun, and there are so many possibilities!