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Where do I go for deeply inspired looner session

Editors' choice Balloon sites Interview
I see a tongue against a balloon, then a photo of drops of water on the skin of the latex. It's beautiful and erotic to me. I keep looking though the page each day and every photo I see makes me want to get closer to my balloons. I inflate a balloon and use the image to inspire me to press my chest against one, she is wonderful with her balloons and images. Today we interview Poppy Loons

Yellow ballloon knot
Yellow ballloon knot


I am Poppy Loony and I'm from Quebec.
I've been in the BDSM/Kink community in the last 10 years, exploring and wandering the spectrum, and I'm not done with it :).

The Balloon, always had a place in my life, in all kind of ways, from early memories.
In the last month I chose to play with that connection with the Balloons,
in a deeper way. 

 What go you into making balloon videos/ photos and what was the first you ever made?

Screenshot from Instagram of poppy loony

As an Artist and Exhibitionist, the idea of sharing Photographies and videos, came very much by itself.

I love sharing with the world my perceptions on my passions, and exchange with whomever feel like it, to open horizons and make deep connections.

Through all my art school studies, I've used the balloons in different projects, Using it like a magic wand, the balloon is filled with such powers.

A lot of nice details

The first video I made, was actually a few years ago, for an art school project. It is the most artistic video I made.

And I aim to create more like these.
Here is a link to it: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFvptnJgRbh/

It explores a few of my kinks, in a visual abstract way and with meditative sound.

You take beautiful photos that are very artistic, is this an interest for you too?

Screenshot from Instagram of poppy loony
Screenshot from Instagram of poppy loony

Thank you for these nice words.
Yes, I'm an artist to the roots. I enjoy creating and love capturing beauty, glimpse of passionate moment, experimenting with almost everything around me.
The art behind photos and videos is a way for me to share why this object/subject/kink takes a place in my life.

A way for me to put a light on what's usually passes in the shadows.

I Personally do not enjoy watching ''fast food'' photos and videos. I love set up, atmosphere, rhythm, passion, play. And I try to offer that too.

Would you describe yourself as a popper, semi popper or non popper? Of course your name suggests a popper.

High heel balloon popping
Screenshot from Instagram of poppy loony

I'm a semi-popper, 80% popper / 20% Non-Popper or so.
It goes pretty much with my mood.  When I feel more naughty and playful, I pop them. When I feel more intimate and soft, I let them live.
My sadistic side takes pleasure with Balloons.

What is your favorite way to pop balloons and what is your favorite size, type and color of balloon?

Kissing balloon
Screenshot from Instagram of poppy loony

I find it very pleasurable to do S2P and Blow them up with Joints/Cigarettes.
I do love Black Balloons, I love the way they shine and how everything around it reflects on them.
And the Transparent ones too, as you can see the body being squished against, it is very sexy.
For the size, I cannot tell you one particularly, I'm too much of a moody woman for that ;).
I enjoy riding Cattex 32'' XXL with long neck, bursting with cigarettes 16' Unique, making forms with animal balloons, getting inside climb in...
They all have their little thing that makes them special.

Tell us about your Only Fans page and what you have on there so far?

I have some erotic photos of intimate moment spent, playing with Balloons.
And some erotic, playful, teasing and more artistic videos.
I mostly explore Balloons, but in a quest for more sensations and for all the senses to be awake,
I play/ mix with other fetiches and kinks.
Offering also personalized creations (custom).

Games and live performances to come this month!

What do you enjoy the most about the balloon fetish world so far?

The vibrant energy of it. The playfulness, the whole spectrum of colors when getting to know fellow looners. 

What are some of your favorite photos of videos you've made so far.

I quite enjoy these ones, with a hint of sensuality, artistic sight and naughtiness, and they explore different kinks.

What's the best way for people to contact or support you and what you do with balloons?

As I am presently building my website (wish it was already ready!), Where limited places Live performances, Personalised Creations (videos, photos, and more other artistic content), Photographies and Videos will be shared and a blog for the kink community. But while it is getting ready,

I encourage you to follow me on my OnlyFans. I'll be sure to let you know when it will be working.

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