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Interview with Ary X

Looking though Instagram for inspiration I find a girl who loves sitting on balloons and making some really nice necks. It interests me so I look more closely, her images are exciting to me and I want to know more about this girl.

Question 1) Give us a small introduction just like in your bio.

All greetings. This is Aryx Looner I am fond of playing with balloons since childhood. I decided to create my own blog to join the looners community, I like what I do.

Question 2) How would you describe your relationship with balloons and when did you first know you liked them?

Balloon is a beautiful toy. I have always liked the classic balloons from 12 to 16 inches. The first time I tried it at about 6-8 years at home in my room, I ride a balloon for a long time and it burst. Then I took another balloon and did it again. From that moment on, I often asked my parents to buy me a balloon and played with it at home.

Question 3) What do you most enjoy doing with balloons?

I like to inflate the balloon heavily, then sit and ride it in a skirt, this is my addiction

Question 4) You shoot in many locations and sometimes in public. How do you decide where to shoot or do you simply have balloons with you at all times?

That's a good question. Since childhood. I used to play with balloons (ride to pop) at home, at school, at parties. People do not pay attention to it. I am used to it and I like it. Yes, sometimes I keep balloons with me. If I want to sit on a balloon, I just inflate it. Of course I do not do it everywhere.

Question 5) What is your favorite size, color and type of balloons?

What I like most is the 12 and 14 inch classic balloons, orange and purple. Only the classic shape of the balloon, when I "play" with such a balloon, its neck becomes very long, I like it!

Question 6) Is there anything you'd like to do with balloons that you havn't done? Eg mass pops, pop in certain location

I have not once ridden a motorcycle sitting in a balloon. It is dangerous, but I want to try it.

Question 7) How has the looner community been so far and is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

The community of looner is very diverse. There are many different categories in this community, all people in this community are united by a non-standard love for inflatable toys of different sizes.

Looner fetish becomes more popular every year, it's good! [smiley]
There is no need to be ashamed of it.
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