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The night ran its usual course

The night ran its usual course, however, at around ten p.m. a girl’s weeping burst out from an open window leading into the balcony with sobs and shouts all over the place: - Asshole, bastard, bugger off, away with you! A male’s voice echoed back. - Well, take it easy, it’s no big deal, huh! Keep it down and don’t be childish, just face it. - Son of a bitch! You knew it! Tell me why you did it! - Look, so what? It’s the condoms that are more important than me? - Yeah! Fuck off! Now everything’s more important than you! An irritated weeping voice snapped back and another sob lacerated the quiet of the night. - Well, so fuck your perversions as you will! What a real catch you are, huh!… The male bellowed with a dash of hysterics and the door slammed shut. The girl was now all cries and tears. I recognized the voice. The girl’s was that of my neighbour, Nastya, classmate and fellow-student, who was pathologically short of luck with the boys...

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