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Happy birthday of Nastya

Actually,  Nastya was planning to celebrate her birthday in town; however man proposes but the boss disposes. The holiday was right in the middle of the vacation, and it was just stupid to while your time away in town. Eventually, there came a decision that what matters is rather care and attention than the number of guests. A voucher was purchased for a stay at a tourist facility – wooden houses dating back to the days of developed socialism and quality of services which advanced not that much from there. The lake, however, fit the bill perfectly, clean, cold and deep, mushrooms in the forest and the sun in early autumn was warm enough to keep you well tanned.  As the party was approaching, Nastya became increasingly nervous, feeling she was supposed to make arrangements as a hostess, even though she hardly had any idea of how to do that beyond her home...


40-inch balloon - balloon story

Yesterday my dream came true at long last, it would haunt me all this time: the massive French 40-inch Burgundy-coloured balloon …was gone with a pleasingly surprising soft pop. I had dreamt of them for quite a while. And now the gifts were there, four of those monsters. Even inside the packing, they looked pretty impressive, and as I took one of them and felt the weight, I was immediately overcome with respect and overwhelming desire to unpack it right away … and do it on the spot, here in my own office. However, I imagined my superior’s facial expression who might unexpectedly pop into my office, I used my will to hide the unpacked balloons, squeezing the four monsters into my handbag. Certainly, I spent my remaining working time “not here...


Attention Im uploading conten now

My dear friends! Thanks for choosing my new site. Now Im uploading all content starting from 2009 and it take a lot of time. Now In a balloon section already available clips from November 2014 till January 2015 and also there is scheduled updates for february already I sincerly hope that I will finish uploading wery shortly. Now In a balloon section already available clips from November 2014 till January 2015 and also there is scheduled updates for february already. Tomorow and monday I will add more clips and all the next week I will keep working on uploading. Kisses Alissa...


Balloon batting games

SIMPLE BATTING  The group sits in a circle and a balloon is patted into the circle. The balloon is patted to and fro between all the members of the group - the idea is to keep the balloon airborne. Players are only allowed one pat at a time. If the group is small then there is little prospect of the balloon falling to the ground, so a time limit should be applied. If the group is too large for a batted balloon to reach the other side of the circle then divide the group into teams and the teams can compete with each other - the team that keeps the balloon in the air the longest is the winner. If this takes place in a hall then people can stand instead of being seated - but some restriction on movement should be made - like keeping the feet in one place all the time. Penalties can be given - people who step to get to the balloon or fall over in the attempt can be 'out' and have to sit down. You could even allow them back into the game if they can catch and hold the balloon...



Tanya came up to the window and threw a glance she thought to be the last one over the yard that had been almost her dear home for two months now. It’s time to make up my mind, she thought. Otherwise I will keep on torturing him and myself. How come some nasty kink sits like a thorn in the flesh, plaguing life out? Why can I not accept what I have for granted? What a wacky rush to search for the perfect?.. In her thoughts, she checked herself sharply. Yes. It’s your decision and you will have to make it on time before he comes back from work. Things will never pack themselves. Good for me that Natasha agreed to host me until I get my salary. She came over to the closet, tears emerging in her eyes, slammed open the doors and embarked on unloading her things carefully stacked after washing and ironing. As she put together a heap of rags on the floor, she banged the door shut, shedding her excruciating pain in a fit of temper...

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