• Who wants to go to the next party?
    APPLY NOW!!!

You only regret the things you don't do in life. 

Our private parties are created literally to make your ultimate fantasy come true.

Imagine arriving into a hotel and you walk in the door and see the whole place filled with balloons. Then our amazing girls start giving you some drinks to really let all of your inhibitions go.
A girl approaches a balloon and smiles back at you wickedly, she places the balloon underneath her and rides it. This catches all of the other girls attention too. She rides the balloon harder and harder and the anticipation is starting to build.....finally the balloon burst and then the party really gets started. 
All of the girls pop balloons  in every way you can imagine in front of your eyes, you are welcome to pop as many as you want too. In fact our girls will encourage you. 

What is a balloon fetish? from Alissa on Vimeo.

By the end of the night everything will be destroyed and you will have an experience you will never, ever forget.

PS: Also we have a special rooms for non poppers

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