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  • Very Private Balloon Party
    Barcelona5 of SEPTEMBER 2015
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Balloons / updated on 06 July 2015

girls playing in balloons

Inflatables / updated on 23 May 2015

alia and her inflatable bunny


We have done join shootings with ITALOON

We just arrived at hom—É from amazing and wonderfull trip to Italy - during the session we have done over 50 clips with big balloons and nice girls - all updates will be available at www.italoon.org and my members section of course. We have...

What Our Members Saying

Your work is awesome Alissa even tho I can't understand the ladies I love everything they do
Philip Resto
Your attention to detail and your lovely models makes your work unbeatable. Fantastic lighting. Great storylines. Just all around delightful work. Congrats to you and the young ladies who work with you.
Balloony angel
It's a looners dream. You will enjoy this site and it's beautiful models for hours.That’s actually not true anymore. You can enjoy this site for days, or even weeks.With the recent major update and so much content it´s not getting boring for sure.
Tim Hehner


Party Registration BARCELONA 2015

Next party will be in Barcelona - 5 of september 2015 The girls who will attend the party:                 Imagine arriving into a hotel and you walk in the door and see the whole place filled...